An Online Photo Gallery

July 2004: Richard and Georgeous George set out once again to escape Sydney's temptations in search for something a little bit different...

After spending 10 days trekking through Cambodian mine-fields and uncovering previously Lost Civilisations and ancient hidden temples, they emerged out of the jungle and promptly ordered room service from the Saigon Sheraton.

Having washed away the mud, snakebites and cobwebs, they worked their way up the coast of Viet Nam. Having bumped into an amazingly bubbly American, Christie Clark, and her mysterious Middle Eastern traveling partner, Tsur, they all decided to travel together.

Christie's display of Tourette Syndrome while playing pool, George's deep-seated love of Travel Sickness pills and Valium, Richard's painful morning shower serenades and Tsur's case of NAFT were the exciting backdrop of our amazing time in Nam.

Collected here are a few photos which, unfortunately, don't quite capture the time we had, but nevertheless represent a brief look at where we went.

Any comments or questions are welcomed. You are free to save any of the photos, but please do not reporduce them without my permission.

Richard  :o)